Bukithub Coworking Rear View
Bukithub Coworking Rear View

About Us

A Space for Makers

We built BukitHub to create a dedicated work space for people with the need of a proper office. Open for everybody wanting to achieve things, this space is focused at giving you the best work experience around.

Whatever it is, you do, BukitHub is where you’ll get it done. Meet other people with the same hands-on attitude, network and co-operate with other freelancers, companies, remote workers and artists.

Walk-in hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Monday-Saturday. Our weekly/monthly members get 24/7 access. Contact us now to schedule your visit.


Why Choose Us?

Wherever you live on the Bukit, chances are you will not live further than 10 Minutes from Bukithub. It's a conveniently located space with plenty of shops and restaurants around, not more than 15 minutes from the international Airport and easily accessible even by car.

24/7 Access

Having an important call at 4am? No problem, we got you covered! All our members get an access card to enter any time they want.

Comfortable Chair

You will be able to sit down and focus on your work for hours without feeling discomfort.

All Included

Strong Ac, Bathroom with hot shower, a full kitchen with free Tea and Koffee, a printer/scanner and fast WiFi of course!

Perfect Workspace

A silent environment to really focus on work and not be distracted by other people or music.


Daily Pass

150K IDR
/ day

  • AC, Kitchen, Shared Meeting Room
  • Flexible walk-in during business hours
  • Print & Scan, Projector, etc.

24/7 Access

Weekly Pass

600K IDR
/ week

  • AC, Kitchen, Shared Meeting Room
  • Dedicated desk for your work
  • Print & Scan, Projector, etc.

24/7 Access

Monthly Pass

2 Mil IDR
/ month

  • AC, Kitchen, Shared Meeting Room
  • Dedicated desk for your work
  • Print & Scan, Projector, etc.

Do you need a private meeting room?

Private Meeting Room

200K IDR - 1 Hr
1 Mil IDR - 1 D

For special inquiries, please contact us with your request!